Barry Gibb is singing to his brother and fellow Bee Gee, Robin Gibb, in an aim to bring him out of a coma, the Daily Mirror reported. 

Barry and his family, including Robin's wife Dwina, have been carrying out a bedside vigil playing music and praying for the singer since he fell into a coma on Friday. 

His brother Barry, his wife Linda and son Stephen came over from America. Barry was singing to him. Thousands of people are saying prayers every day, Dwina told The Impartial Reporter. 

Robin Gibb, who suffers from liver and colon cancer, lapsed into a coma while being treated for pneumonia. Gibb's condition has deteriorated considerably over the past week and reports have surfaced that he only has a few more days to live.

His family is taking  it hour-by-hour, praying for a miracle. But with Robin they know never to give up, the family friend said.

The friend told the Daily Mirror that Robin's wife Dwina has been incredibly strong and positive throughout the week. 

Dwina has been incredible. She has been such a rock of support for everyone and is just so, so strong, remains upbeat and is just willing Robin on and on. She will never give up - just like Robin's attitude throughout all his recent health problems. The pair share that same fighting mentality, the unnamed friend said.

Gibb's friends have revealed that the 62-year-old kept a 'Bucket List' by his bedside and added to it daily before falling into a coma on Friday.One of Gibb's main wishes before he dies is to set up a children's charity involving music, his friend told the Daily Mirror.

Gibb was first diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, when he was undergoing bowel surgery. The doctors found a tumor and diagnosed him with cancer of the colon and later with cancer of the liver. 

He was forced to cancel his appearance at the premiere of Titanic Requiem on Tuesday, which he composed with Robin-John. 

His spirit has been shattered since the pneumonia and he has gone visibly downhill. Before he slipped into a coma he was struggling to get out of bed without a wheelchair, a family friend said. 

Gibb was born in England in 1949. He founded the Bee Gee's with his twin brother Maurice and moved to Manchester to start performing. The Bee Gees released their first record in 1963. The brothers rose to fame for their hit records Jive Talkin, Stayin' Alive and Night Fever.