Plus-sized model Robyn Lawley has been named as the new face of plus-size lingerie line Boux Avenue, the Huffington Post reported. Boux Avenue is a national lingerie company in Britain and they have chosen the buxom Australian babe as the newest face of their campaign.

Boux Avenue chose to replace their former model, Ola Jordan, who was a size 10, with Lawley who is reported as being a size 16 so the company would appeal to a curvier demographic, the Huffington Post said.

On her Facebook page Lawley shared a picture of herself stating that she is the first plus-sized model for Ralph Lauren.

The lingerie at Buox Avenue ranges from bra sizes 30A to 40H and the waist sizes go from 8 to 20. Nearly all women can wear some of the pieces that Lawley models for the British company.

[Check out pictures of Robyn Lawley modeling lingerie here]

The 23-year-old model first became recognized when she was on the cover of Vogue Italia last year, the Huffington Post said. She also appeared on the cover of the French Elle magazine.

Lawley is 6 feet, 2 inches and explained to Fabulous magazine in 20011, "'I stumbled across pro-anorexia websites and scoured them for tips."

"I began starving myself and making myself sick after meals."

"My mum Janne was concerned but she had no idea how serious the problem was. Plus, I became an expert at lying."

As a result she started a food blog called "Robyn Lawley Eats" to promote healthy body images to women, the Daily Mail said.

"I am delighted to be chosen as the face and body of Boux Avenue lingerie," said Lawley. "The brand is striving to promote a healthy body image and their size range reflects this."

"They are making beautiful and exquisite lingerie accessible to every woman."

She has received a response on Twitter with @BoogaP saying, "I'm just gonna throw this out here...To the "plus size" model, Robin Lawley, we real men like something to grab onto. #JustSayin Do ur thang"

@skeepee added, "Robin Lawley, you look fantastic"

After looking at some pictures of Lawley's Boux Avenue ads, how do you think she looks?