Roger Ebert, the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, has refused to apologize and defended his controversial comments about the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

The legendary film critic had tweeted a link to a news story about Dunn's death, adding: Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive.

Ebert statement instantly infuriated the fans of Dun who were mourning his death.

Bam Margera, a long- time friend of dead Ryan Dunn, became outraged and blasted legendary film critic Roger Ebert for his comments on Twitter over the death of Dunn.

I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of s**t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents about a jackass drunk driving and [he is] one, f*** you! he tweeted, serving the veteran Ebert a mouthful.

But Ebert attempted to defend himself by merely retweeting celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's article with the comment: Perez Hilton's readers agree with me and not with Perez about my tweet on Ryan Dunn. He drank, he drove, 2 people died, Ebert said of Dunn's death.

The Perez's blog had this comment earlier: We certainly agree that driving after drinking is wrong, we think there's no reason - especially RIGHT NOW - that anyone should be pointing fingers or poking fun at a truly tragic situation.

Dunn died at approximately 3.a.m. on June 20th morning in West Goshen, Pennsylvania due to a car accident that left him and a companion charred to ashes. His body was recognized through his facial hair and tattoos.

According to the West Goshen Township police report, Dunn's Porsche 911 GT3 was fully engulfed in flames when officers responding to a report of an auto accident near Route 322 and Pottstown Pike found it off the road and in the woods.

TMZ reported that sources informed Dunn had drunk at least three light beers and three shots between 10.30pm and 2.10am at Barnaby's of America bar.

Dunn celebrated his 34th birthday last June 11, weeks before his fatal accident last night.

Dunn was famous for his willingness to be harmed for the sake of entertainment and fun. He starred in three TV shows -Jackass, Viva la Bam, and Homewrecker, all of which showcased his penchant for peril.

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