Rolando McClain, an Oakland Raiders linebacker, was arrested Tuesday for “providing a false name” to police after he signing a ticket with an obscenity.

According to reports, officers arrested NFL player Rolando McClain on a charge of giving a false name to law enforcement after he signed a citation for overly dark window tint as “(Expletive) y’all,” police officers told the Decatur Daily.

While receiving the traffic citation in Alabama for having tinted windows, which the officer deemed too dark, McClain reportedly refused to submit to a window inspection telling police he has a doctor-confirmed light sensitivity that renders the tint necessary.

The Decatur Daily reported McClain showed police a letter from his doctor saying that he had “photosensitivity and needed maximum ultraviolet radiation protection to include window tinting.”

Shortly after another police officer arrived on the scene, McClain submitted to the test and was written up for the tint.

“I’m falsely accused of everything,” McClain said as he was leaving court. “It’s corrupt. It’s terrible.”

Further developments in the case indicate that McClain refused to give his name during the traffic stop, telling the officer, “You know who I am”. He later claimed that he was targeted by police and that they are out to get him, WebProNews reported.

This is the second run in with the law for McClain who in November 2011 was convicted of assaulting a former friend. McClain was convicted of all charges and handed a six-month jail sentence in May, but following appeal of the case to circuit court, a judge dismissed the case.

McClain was a first-round draft pick for the Raiders in 2010 but is reportedly not living up to expectations as he was recently fined $15,000 by the Oakland organization for “conduct detrimental to the team,” NFL Insider Jay Glazer reported.

“Players there are telling me that this has been an ongoing problem,” Glazer said on a recent edition of “Fox NFL Sunday.”

“Really the tipping point came last week when somebody asked him, ‘Do you even care?’ And he said ‘I’ve got four million reasons not to care,’” Glazer added.

McClain was released on $1,000 cash bail a short after being detained.