The singer Kelly Clarkson was recently severely criticized for her endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. In a barrage of tweets, she was, perhaps unfairly, castigated for inadvertently endorsing racism and homophobia through her embrace of the Texas congressman.

Although Hollywood celebrities tend to support liberal Democrats, Paul is such an unusual kind of Republican that he has reported attracted the support of a bewildering array of famous folks.

According to a Web site called RonPaulForums, the following celebs are in Paul’s camp:

John Mayer (rock musician)

Joe Rogan (actor-comedian)

Vince Vaughn (actor)

Michelle Branch (singer)

Juliette Lewis (actress)

Neil Peart (Canadian musician)

John Stossel (Fox News journalist)

Doug Stanhope (comedian)

Howard Stern (radio shock jock)

Clint Eastwood (legendary actor-director)

Drew Carey (comedian)

Chuck Norris (actor)

Jesse Ventura (former wrestler, ex-governor of Minnesota)

Andrew Napolitano (Fox News legal analyst)

Barry Manilow (singer) [(In an interview with The Daily Caller, Manilow said he agrees with just about everything Paul says. I like what he says. I think he's solid, he said.)]

Aimee Allen (singer)

Peyton Hillis (NFL running back)

Tony Pashos (NFL offensive lineman)

Another blog, called, lists the following Paul supporters:

Markos Moulitsas (editor of the major liberal site Daily Kos)

Bill Maher (comedian)

Andrew Sullivan (conservative columnist)

Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks owner)

Neither site's claims of support have been confirmed.