Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX, on Saturday easily won the presidential straw poll for the Republican Leadership Conference 2011 as the congressman pursues a bid to gain the Republican nomination for President in the 2012 race.

Paul earned 612 votes, or 39.7 percent, after participants at the event were asked for whom they would vote if the primary election of president were held today. The conference took place this year in New Orleans.

The next closest competitor, was former U.S. Ambassador to China and ex-Utah Gov. John Huntsman with 382 votes. In third place was Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, with 191 votes.

The full list is below as is Paul’s full speech at the conference:

Ron Paul, 612
Jon Huntsman, 382
Michele Bachmann, 191
Herman Cain, 104
Mitt Romney, 74
Newt Gingrich, 69
Sarah Palin, 41
Rick Santorum, 30
Tim Pawlenty, 18
Gary Johnson, 10
Buddy Roemer, 9
Thaddeus McCotter, 2