Ron Sheridan Is Selling Domain For $200,000 To Take Advantage Of Google Reader Shutdown


One Internet domain owner might be taking advantage of Google Reader’s impending shutdown.

Ron Sheridan, the owner of, plans on selling the domain name for $200,000, he said in an email to IBTimes. In 2009, he bought the domain for $125,000. speculates Sheridan put the domain for sale to capitalize on Google Reader's shutdown, but Sheridan doesn't see it that way.

"The domain is an investment and like any investor I would like to sell it and not realize a loss and preferably make a profit," he told IBTimes.

Sheridan said he's been trying to sell the domain for some time. Reently, he has been working with a website brokerage firm that set the six-figure asking price.

Right now, sits empty with a splash page describing plans for a future “high quality RSS reader, married to a crowd sourced, crowd curated RSS feed directory.” If Sheridan doesn't have any buyers, he said he remains committed to the idea of  creating a social RSS driven platform.

This isn’t Sheridan’s first website. On his LinkedIn profile, he’s listed as the co-founder of and the co-founder of a photo sharing website,

Although the price seems extravagant, domain names have sold for millions. One of the most expensive ones was which went for $16 million back in 2009.

On March 13, Google's senior vice president posted a blog announcing Google Reader’s July 1 shutdown. Most recently, Feedly has become a popular alternative RSS reader to Google Reader, Lifehacker reports.

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