It's no joke: Roseanne Bar, the comedian best known for '80s sitcom Roseanne, is trying to run for U.S. President on the Green Party ticket, a decision she announced on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

And while Barr's bombastic activism isn't likely to secure her a presidential nomination, it may be enough to bring the Green Party into the 2012 presidential race.

'I am4 the Greening of America.'

I am running for Green Party nominee for POTUS. I am an official candidate. I am4 the Greening of America&the world. Green=peace/justice, Barr tweeted on Thursday.

And despite Roseanne Barr's irrepressible funny-bone, the L.A. Times reports that the 59-year-old actress is taking her potential nomination pretty seriously.

According to the paper, Barr filed her paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Jan. 25, creating a four-way race for the Green Party nomination between Roseanne Barr, Dr. Kent Mesplay, Dr. Jill Stein, and Harley Mikkelson.

The party will choose its nominee at the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in July.

Her Platform: 'I cannot be bought.'

Roseanne Barr doesn't think her nabbing the nomination for the 2012 election is very likely.

I fully expect Jill Stein 2b the nominee & I will support her, but til then-I'll serve, Barr posted amid a slew of other tweets about her campaign.

That doesn't mean, however, that the comic actress doesn't feel ehr voice should be heard, or that she's does have the opinions and platform to stand up against her Green party rivals.

In a statement to the AP about her presidential bid, Barr alluded heavily to the Occupy Wall Street protests, saying she felt a third party option was the only workable way to change to country.

The Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are servants - bought and paid for by the 1% - who are not doing what's in the best interest of the American people, Barr said.

I cannot be bought, she added in a later statement. I have been a tireless advocate of Occupy Wall Street since Day 1 when I delivered my campaign speech in Liberty Plaza on September 17th, 2011.

'I will barnstorm American living rooms.'

When ti comes to her credentials, Barr can point to decades of fighting for women and working class families.

The comedian has been an outspoken opponent of patriarchal politics, as she outlined in an only partly satirical bid in 2010 to run for both President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Israel in 2012.

Her platform, spelled out on Twitter, includes a promise to institute #Europeanstyle single-payer healthcare and to forgive all credit card and mortgage debt by kicking out the FED-those to whom all this fake debt is owed.

But most importantly for a Green Party candidate, Roseanne Barr cannot really be ignored.

I will barnstorm American living rooms, she said in a candidate questionnaire submitted to the Green Party.

Mainstream media will be unable to ignore me, but more importantly they will be unable to overlook the needs of average Americans in the run-up to the 2012 election.

Barr At Distant Second Place

In a presidential nomination poll conducted on Green Party Watch, Barr is in a distant second to Dr. Jill Stein.

But even if she doesn't make it anywhere in the election, fans of Barr and the Occupy Wall Street movement (which she has supported from its beginnings) can appreciate her straightforward slogan: Vote for me, I'll fix this [expletive]!