Language-learning software company Rosetta Stone Inc. announced the company could profit from retailing and providing its services in Asia, a report on Money Control said.

The Virginia-based company has struggled with a low demand in the US where customers are not interested to learn a second language and is now eyeing Asian customers to expand growth.

The company’s chief executive Tom Adams, in a report, said the company had temporary success in convincing Americans within an age limit of 18 to 35 that language skills can work as a career asset but still the company is far from hitting the expected milestone.

The lack of American consumers has harmed Rosetta Stone's financial results. The company reported a first-quarter loss and it expects the same in the second quarter. The company’s stock has been down by 35 percent in the past six months, and to stop any further loss, the company is looking forward to Asian customers and improve their English skills.

Rosetta Stone's TotalE product was also launched on Apple's iPad and the company is hoping to expand its reach to smartphones that run on Android. Adams believes the iPad platform will help customers learn through the touch medium.