Rosie O'Donnell's talk show on Oprah Winfrey's network, OWN, was cancelled on Friday citing low ratings, but rumors of backstage tension may have contributed to the decision as well.

It was such a f---ing hellhole, one former staffer told The Daily Beast.

There were rumors of tensions between O'Donnell and crew members including Oprah Winfrey's longtime director Joe Terry and bandleader, Katreese Barnes, a two-time Emmy winner from Saturday Night Live.

People thought she humiliated him (Joe Terry) when she scolded him in front of a live audience for using the wrong camera shots, suggesting he didn't know what he was doing, the former employee said. She fired Winfrey's stage manager because she felt like he was ignoring her and not doing his job properly.

I'm not upset that I don't know Into the Woods by heart, Barnes said. A little heads-up would have been nice.

The former employee also told the Daily Beast that there was a lot of disorganization with the crew and O'Donnell and many arguments concerning the show.

O'Donnell uncontrollably yelled at a publicist backstage because she didn't like the parameters agreed upon for an interview, a former employee told the Daily Beast.

On Friday when the show was cancelled, O'Donnell was not in Chicago, where the show is located, but in New York tweeting about Broadway.