When a salesperson at a Swiss boutique refused to sell Oprah a handbag, the media mogul wrote it off as possible racism. 

But Rush Limbaugh took to his radio show on Friday to share his own theory about the situation, blaming Oprah's weight for the unfortunate encounter.  

“Maybe it’s because Oprah’s fat! … Look, don’t most people think that the fat and the obese are poor and stupid?” Limbaugh said on his radio show this afternoon.

The Swiss incident occurred during Winfrey's visit to a high-end boutique in Zurich, Trois Pommes, reports the New York Post. The billionaire says she asked several times to see a $38,000 Tom Ford handbag, but a sales clerk informed her that the bag was likely out of her price range, refusing to show her the purse.

“She said: `No, no, no, you don’t want to see that one. You want to see this one. Because that one will cost too much; you will not be able to afford that,’” Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight while speaking on the exchange. “And I said, `Well, I did really want to see that one.’ And she refused to get it.”

Tourism officials from Switzerland and the owner of the boutique have since offered formal apologies to Winfrey. 

“We are very sorry for what happened to her, of course, because we think all of our guests and clients should be treated respectfully, in a professional way,” Daniela Baer, a spokeswoman for the Swiss tourism office, told The Associated Press.

In a post on Twitter, the Swiss tourism office said the clerk "acted terribly wrong."

Winfrey was in Switzerland in July to attend the wedding of her good friend Tina Turner. 

You can listen to the clip of Limbaugh's comments on Oprah below: