As outrage gathers over film critic Roger Ebert’s insensitive comments following the death of “Jackass” TV star Ryan Dunn, almost exactly two years ago a similar controversy erupted over the passing of a much bigger celebrity, Michael Jackson.

In early July 2009, New York Republican Congressman Peter King released a web-video in which he blasted the recently departed Jackson as a ”lowlife” and a “pedophile” and found the mourning of his death in bad taste.

In the video, King declared: This guy [Jackson] was a pervert, he was a child molester, he was a pedophile.”

King added: There's nothing good about this guy. Maybe he was a good singer, did some dancing. Bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room as Michael Jackson?

The Congressman also condemned the media for its round-the-clock coverage of the death of Jackson.

King later defended his attacks on Jackson and admitted he didn’t realize his comments would get such widespread coverage.