Presenting, the Ryan Gosling pancake, courtesy of a Chicago-based artist. Could this creation be a part of a healthy breakfast? (PHOTO: Yahoo! The Famous / Katherine Kalnes)

Ryan Gosling has been transformed into pancake form.

On Tuesday, a photo of the Ides of March star in battery goodness started spreading among Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

And it's all thanks to a Chicago-based artist named Katherine Kalnes, who created the edible work of art exclusively for the Yahoo! blog The Famous.

The Ryan Gosling pancake, made by something called a batter blaster, was also made possible by some frosting, peanut butter and raisins, according to The Famous.

the prettiest pancake ever made - Ryan Gosling pancake, wrote one Twitter user.

I'd take a bite out of this Gosling pancake #yum wrote another.

This is not the first time Kalnes, 25, has created a pancake celebrity.

Last week, the artist sent a photo of a Justin Bieber pancake creation, complete with the pop sensation's famous hairstyle, baseball cap and peace sign. The Bieber pancake was made possible by frosting, chocolate chips, blueberries and raisins.


A Justin Bieber-inspired pancake. (PHOTO: Yahoo! The Famous / Katherine Kalnes)

The Ryan Gosling pancake is just the latest internet meme to takeover the internet. The actor, who recently turned 31, is the inspiration behind several Tumblr sites.

One of the first is Fu*, a 2-year-old site dedicated to all things Gosling, captioned with Hey Girl thoughts and muses. The site has more than 12 pages of Gosling images and captions like Hey Girl, When I tackle somebody, I think I'm giving you the biggest hug ever, and Hey Girl, I'm sorry I forgot to call you yesterday. I've been skating way too much.

Inspired by Fu*kyeahryangosling, a Feminist version of the page has emerged, aptly titled Feminist Ryan Gosling.

Sample caption: Hey girl, it's hard for me to reify Beauvoir's theory of the lost female genius when I'm around you.

Not amused?

Try: Hey girl, when you talk, I hear the revolutions.

And that's not all. One other major Ryan Gosling inspired site asks the question Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than A Puppy?

For more than five pages, Gosling is compared to cute puppies, begging the question of who's cuter.

With the release of three movies in 2011 (Crazy, Stupid, Love, Drive, The Ides of March), Gosling is hoping to match the number with three films in 2012.

Having just wrapped The Place Beyond the Pines with his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, Gosling is already working on The Gangster Squad with Emma Stone in Los Angeles. He is also filming the Terrence Malick drama, Lawless, with Christian Bale, Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett.

Would you eat the Ryan Gosling pancake? Share your thoughts below.

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