WGN America TV series “Salem” ended on a shocking note last week. The devil decided to punish, rather than kill, his mother Mary Sibley for trying to kill him. Proving to us that there are things worse than death, the devil took away all of the witch’s powers leaving her nothing more than an ordinary woman.

What will happen next on “Salem”?

Mary (Janet Montgomery) will still be reeling from the reckoning. She will try coping with the fact that she does not have her powers anymore. The devil (Oliver Bell) made their contract null and void then took all her elemental powers back. The promo of Season 3, episode 4 shows Mary screaming in pain.

Nevertheless, Mary will still meet the Essex witches -- the same ones who resurrected her using their powers and the roots of a tree.

According to the synopsis of the upcoming “Salem” episode, titled “Night’s Black Agents,” Mary will use the only other power she has now: Her feminine charm. She will put the powers of her femininity to the test. Will she try to seduce someone?

Meanwhile, witch Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) will try her best to get her husband the great reverend Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) back. He successfully got rid of her rat familiar Brown Jenkins from his body by using a spell and procuring the right herbs underneath her nose. No doubt now the priest will be on his way to Boston and away from his treacherous life in Salem.

However, the synopsis teases that Cotton will receive some life-altering news about his life. We had previously speculated that Anne may be pregnant. A teaser that aired before Season 3 hinted that the witch may be pregnant this season. Moreover, last week, Anne told Cotton that she feels a baby is growing inside of her after they made love.

The promo also shows Anne getting tortured by the devil who is clearly upset that Cotton got away. Will she and her baby be okay?

“Salem” will not air an episode this week. The upcoming episode premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. EST on WGN America.