“Salem” Season 3 is less than a month away from premiering its first episode. Last season, powerful witch Mary Sibley died after she and the love of her life, John Alden, failed to save their son from becoming the devil’s vessel. Mary sacrificed her life in order to save John’s. Elsewhere, in Salem, the devil stabbed Countess Marburg. What will happen next on the WGN America series?

“Salem” released the first look of Season 3 and it is filled with huge spoilers. In the video, the cast talks about their character and teases what’s next for all of them in the upcoming episodes.

Shane West, who plays John Alden, reveals that his character is putting together and training a militia that can protect Salem against the Native Americans, French and, of course, the witches. Magistrate Wendell Hawthrone (Jeremy Crutchley) tells Alden that he will grant him a pardon if he leads the militia.

Meanwhile, the devil (Oliver Bell) has an agenda of his own.

The Season 3 premiere picks up immediately after the events of the Season 2 finale with a battered Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) roaming the woods after she was attacked by a pack of vicious crows. Remember when she ate seer Petrus’ (Christopher Berry) eyes? Well, when she did that she imbued his powers as a seer. So she can see the future. And she joins the fight against the devil after seeing what will happen to humanity if he continues to walk on earth.

The video also shows Tamzin Merchant, who plays Anne Hale (now Mather after getting married to Cotton), talk about her character’s marriage. Although on the surface it looks like Anne is sealing Cotton’s (Seth Gabel) fate as the new George Sibley after stuffing her familiar down his throat, she is actually trying to control a man she loves. Mary never loved George. She has feelings for her husband.

Meanwhile, Cotton is suicidal, but there’s still some love between him and Anne.

The last “Salem” Season 3 cast member to tease about the future of Salem is Marilyn Manson, who describes his character, Thomas Dinely, as a barber/surgeon. He takes great pleasure in tormenting people. “He is somewhere between a really bad hair stylist and someone who cuts people up for fun to see what’s in them,” the rock star revealed.

“Salem” Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, November 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on WGN America.