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Will John Alden and Mary Sibley become lovers again in “Salem” Season 3? Watch the season premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 2 on WGN America. WGN America

Heathens, the witching hour will soon be upon us. WGN America’s “Salem” will premiere Season 3 in early November and reveal the fate of Mary Sibley, the witch who sacrificed her life last season in order to resurrect the love of her life, John Alden. Her demise will not only hurt Alden but also the devil who now resides in her son, John Jr.

In a new Season 3 trailer, Alden (Shane West) talks about his love for Mary (Janet Montgomery). The touching video begins with the witch hunter saying, “I’ve loved Mary Sibley for as long as I’ve known what true love is.” Then, images of a younger Mary and John frolicking in the forest are seen. “I swore that we would be together. If this world thinks that something as small as death can keep us apart, they don’t know my Mary.”

Watch it below:

This is just further proof that the most powerful witch in all of Salem will be resurrected and Alden is still in love with her. But will the two reunite in Season 3? John and Mary have been at odds since Season 1 when she had used the Malum to invoke the Grand Rite. Towards the end of Season 2, “Salem” fans saw the couple work together for the first time in order stop their son from becoming a vessel to the devil.

Given that Mary is the only one who can kill the devil since she birthed him and that she wants her real son back, it seems like she and John might be again reunited for the same goal.

Of course, first the witch needs to be resurrected and we have a feeling Tituba (Ashely Madekwe) and the Essex witches are going to help with that.

WGN America also released a quick recap of Season 2. Jog your memory by watching the video below:

“Salem” Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 2 on WGN America.