WGN America TV series “Salem” will be back Wednesday with a brand new Season 3 episode after being off air for two weeks.

Episode 3 ended with witch Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) losing all her powers. The devil (Oliver Bell) made her contract with him null and void. Then he took away all her elemental powers: Wind, water, Earth and fire. Mary looked visibly shaken before she fainted. What will happen in episode 4?

Titled “Night’s Black Agents,” the upcoming Season 3 episode of “Salem” will see Mary deal with the aftermath of having her powers taken away from her. Much like dealing with the side effects of fighting an addiction, the once powerful sorceress will get tremors, feel cold and cower under the sheet. Her mind and body are still reeling from the loss of her powers.

Mary tells her son in the promo, “I hate you.” The devil/John Jr. replies, “Good. There is nothing more powerful.”

Although Mary is seemingly powerless, she still has one card to play: Her feminine charm.

Season 3, episode 4 will also focus on the great reverend Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) who finally got rid of his wife Anne Hale’s (Tamzin Merchant) rat familiar from his stomach. Using a powerful potion, the priest was able to remove Brown Jenkins and flee to Boston.

However, Cotton’s actions will have consequences. Not only will his wife, who also happens to be a powerful witch, try her best to find him and coax him to come home, but the devil isn’t pleased to learn that he is on his way to Boston to tell people the truth. He puts Anne’s life in danger in a bid to get the priest to return to Salem.

The synopsis states that Cotton will receive some life-altering news.

“Salem” Season 3, episode 4 premieres Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. EST on WGN America.