WGN America series “Salem” premiered the second episode of Season 3 this week. Mary Sibley, the powerful witch who gave birth to the devil’s vessel on Earth, went to meet her son (Oliver Bell). Of course, her son isn’t her son at all – he is the devil.

Mary (Janet Montgomery) reunited with her son in the hopes of killing him once and for all. Unfortunately, the devil’s bodyguard, The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin), caught her betraying Lucifer. What will happen next week on “Salem”?

Season 3, episode 3 will see Mary pay for her betrayal, according to the synopsis (via SpoilerTV). She will, of course, not die since the devil fancies her. But she will repent for her actions. However, her punishment quickly takes a deadly turn. It’s not surprising that the witch’s life is again in peril. After all, The Sentinel has been itching to kill her.

The synopsis also teases that the great Reverend Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) will be forced to perform an exorcism of his own. The promo of this episode, titled “The Reckoning,” shows the priest wrestling with his wife (and witch) Anne Hale’s (Tamzin Merchant) familiar, Brown Jenkins. She stuffed her rat down his throat to keep him in check. He cannot speak or do anything against her wishes. It’s not surprising that Cotton wants to get rid of it and stop being her prisoner.

The last episode showed Cotton plucking a hair off of Anne after a session of lovemaking. It seems like he will somehow concoct a potion to get rid of her rat.

Meanwhile, war will continue to wage inside and outside Salem in Season 3, episode 3. The Indians who Captain John Alden (Shane West) shot but still came back to life will make an unwelcome appearance.

Catch “Salem” Season 3, episode 3 on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. EST on WGN America.