A new start up company was launched last week to help entertainment, media, retail and manufacturing brands to find, filter, organize and display relevant social content to the right audience in real-time.

Properly formatted content that is delivered real-time dramatically improves engagement metrics like audience viewership, time on site, page views, ad views, conversions and sales, says the Austin, Texas-based Mass Relevance.

Founded by Sam Decker, a former Dell executive and founding CMO of Bazaarvoice, and joined by co-founders Brian Dainton and Eric Falcao, Mass Relevance says it has secured nearly $2 million from Floodgate and Austin Ventures in a Series A round.

A platform to find, curate and display relevant social content is a tremendous competitive advantage for brands, media and retailers who want to attract an audience, says Decker.

Consumers are increasingly connected to people, brands and content through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, others - and contributing more and more content through mobile devices.

Twitter hosts 30 million tweets about TV shows each day, and Facebook is expected to double in size from 500 million to 1 billion profiles in the next two years.

Brands are starting to display their Facebook URL and Twitter names at the tops of their sites and that the explosion of social experiences is about to hit the mainstream. As social continues to grow exponentially, so does the challenge for entertainment, media, retail, and manufacturing brands, which Mass Relevance promises to answer.

Mass Relevance is aimed at content and marketing executives who want to activate engaging experiences via real-time conversations, commentary and insights culled from millions of social activities taking place every moment around the globe. The company combines social syndication technology that can instantly aggregate, curate and deliver the best content for any context from sites such as Twitter.

Mass Relevance, Decker says, is the first to provide a complete stack of software as a service (SaaS) social aggregation, curation and syndication technology and services that allow brands to engage audiences with real-time content.

TweetRiver is the social marketing company's flagship product, which brings all of the tweets about a business to one place, store them, categorize them, route them to the appropriate resource, and allows you take action on them as you see fit.

The application lets organizations harness the conversations that are taking place on Twitter about a brand, product, or event. TweetRiver aggregates the tweets about a specified topic and filter out the noise to create a clean, relevant stream that can be embedded in a web page, blog, or wherever it’s needed.

For example, the experience for people watching live video of a football game on the web would improve if they saw a stream of tweets next to game. The most relevant content is real-time conversation about the teams, the plays, and the game. Because it’s on the web, content with links would be relevant. In the example above, viewers see real-time tweets about the game they are watching (task) from people that are fans (social).

Mass Relevance says tweets about the football game are curated to include links, which work on the Web or mobile device. You can distribute curated content across multiple displays: Web, LCD TV, mobile app, or sites.

Social Curation is an incredibly complex task, and the companies who nail it are the ones who end up making history, says Ze Frank, an expert in the intersection of technology and creativity in web design, marketing, and new forms form of media.