Sam and Nia Rader have had quite a bit of bad news recently, but the YouTube vloggers finally had a fun announcement to make. The couple revealed that Nia Rader is pregnant again. The Christian family vloggers made the announcement Friday on their YouTube channel, “Sam and Nia,” with a video that shows them telling their family members.

For their mothers, the couple placed a hamburger bun in their oven. Both mothers took a minute to understand the pun, but they were quickly overjoyed. After their moms found out, the couple arranged a scavenger hunt for their daughter Symphony. Watch all of their reactions below:

Sam Rader, 29, and Nia Rader, 26, already have two children, Symphony and Abram, but this isn’t the first time they’ve announced an expected third child. In August, the vloggers made a video announcing the pregnancy, but three days later they had to announce a miscarriage, as People reported.

In the caption for the first video, the couple wrote: “We feel beyond blessed that God has given us another baby so soon after suffering a miscarriage. I think our moms were just as thankful.”

In a second video uploaded Saturday, a longer video shows more reactions by their family members, and it’s clear that this miscarriage is still on their minds. When Symphony is told about being a big sister, she shocks the family with her response. “Well, only if this one doesn’t die,” she says.

“Yeah, this one’s going to make it, though,” Sam Rader tells her. “We’ve got to pray for it, OK?”

Watch the extended reaction video below:

After the miscarriage in August, the couple endured backlash from fans when some questioned whether the pregnancy was real at all, BuzzFeed reported.

Just a few weeks later, Sam Rader’s name came up in the Ashley Madison hacking scandal, which revealed the names of married people looking for affairs. The vlogger explained that while he had an account a couple years ago, he never actually met anybody through the website and that he’d already been forgiven by his wife and church.

The controversy around Sam and Nia Rader continued in August when they were kicked out of a Vlogger Fair in Seattle after a verbal altercation with another couple. That was the tipping point that made the duo take a hiatus from YouTube. The “Sam and Nia” channel was inactive for a bit more than a month. The couple returned to vlogging at the end of September.