Samsung has just officially announced it's Galaxy Note 2 just before IFA began in Berlin in Friday, and the Korea-based manufacturer has already showcased a line of accessories for the device.

This includes a variety of covers, cases, protectors and pens available for the next-generation Galaxy Note 2. The smartphone-tablet hybrid bears striking similarities to Samsung's widely successful Galaxy S3, and the new accessories reflect that even further.

"This set of accessories pretty much replicates what's already available for the Galaxy S III," notes Chris Burns of Slash Gear. However, even more color variants have been introduced for the Galaxy Note 2.

In addition to the cases, a collection of three pouches for the device has also been unveiled at IFA. These are all made of either leather or faux leather, making it easy for users to protect their Galaxy Note 2 devices in their purses or pockets.

A set of protective cases equipped with a bumper around the edges to protect against falls were also showcased, and these cases also include a slot for the S Pen as well. The Flip Cover available for the Galaxy S3 is back--- but this time it's large enough for the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2.

There are a variety of colors, according to Slash Gear, such as blue, green, electric yellow, two shades of pink, mustard yellow, red, black and white. These replace the back of the Galaxy Note 2 where the battery is located and feature a hard cover that swings around the front for protection.

It seems Samsung has prepped its Galaxy Note 2 for users of all sizes. There will be a set of alternate S-Pen devices, with some slightly larger for users with bigger hands. A collection of battery chargers that will be released later this year was also unveiled at IFA.

There has been to pricing or launch information revealed, but these accessories are expected to be available with the Galaxy Note 2 release date.

Android and Samsung fans are still eagerly awaiting the device's debut, with little knowledge as to which areas will get the "phablet" device first and which carriers will offer it.  When the original Galaxy Note was released, it made its way to the U.S. roughly four months after the international version premiered. In addition, it was only made available to AT&T at that time.

Luckily Samsung ahs already assured the masses that the Galaxy Note 2 will be available in the U.S. before the end of the year. According to the LTE-enabled successor to the Galaxy Note is currently in the works.

"Hopefully Samsung will continue on the same path as they did with the Galaxy S3 and deliver the Note 2 to as many carriers as possible, without too many modifications to the device itself," writes GForGames.

Some speculate that the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 2 will not be released for Verizon users, as Latinos Post reports.

"Verizon will most likely not carry the Galaxy Note 2," writes Keerthi Chandrashekar of the publication. "Verizon's attention seems to be focused elsewhere, and it's unlikely the company will squeeze in a Galaxy Note 2 launch on top of everything."

Verizon has a press conference scheduled to reveal a new Motorola phone and a 5-inch phablet from HTC.

However, until Samsung makes more officinal announcements and reveals the release date for the device, this can only be considered rumor. The Galaxy Note 2 will feature a Super AMOLED display, LTE connectivity, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, an upgraded battery, and more. Check out our full list of specs and features that will come with the Galaxy Note 2 here.