The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is as present as ever for a device that has not even been unveiled. The latest reports come in the form of a leak, showing off numerous images of a display panel that just may belong to the Galaxy Note 3.


The recent leak comes from two sources: Australian tipster Sonny Dickson, who has shared real-time photos of the display panel, which he says was given by a “trusted source in China,” and ETrade Supply, which includes measurements in its closeup shots of the panel (below). We see a boxy shaped panel, with slim bezels and a size similar to that of the previous Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Many rumors have suggested that Samsung would opt to give the Galaxy Note 3 a design like the Galaxy S4's, and from this display panel leak that appears to be true.


Many are expecting to see an increase in display size for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the leak from ETrade Supply indicates that the device will have a 5.68-inch display, as was previously reported by SamMobile. Earlier reports have also suggested that the Galaxy Note 3 might have either a 5.7-inch or 5.99-inch display, but these rumors have largely been scrapped. In order to keep the size of the device contained despite its larger screen, many expect the Galaxy Note 3 to have thinner bezels than the Galaxy Note 2, a method Samsung used to keep the size of its Galaxy S4 relatively the same as the Galaxy S3. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is smaller overall than its predecessor despite having a display that is .2 inches larger. As per comparison photos of the proposed Galaxy Note 3 display panel and a Galaxy Note 2 handset, we see exactly that: thinner bezels on the Galaxy Note 3 when the size of the two devices are relatively the same.


We see similarities also between this display panel and the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the placement of the sensors and front camera. The Galaxy S4 has its light, proximity and gesture sensors as well as its front camera situated from left to right at the very top its display panel, as does the proposed Galaxy Note 3 display panel. The Galaxy S4 also adopts a more boxy shape than the Galaxy S3 before it, very similar to the leaked panel. ETrade Supply reports that the bezel of this Galaxy Note 3 display panel is just 2.2 mm. The display itself is reportedly a mere 1.8 mm thick, and many expect that the Galaxy Note 3 will measure about 8mm in breadth, indicating that it will be slimmer than the Galaxy Note 2, just as the Galaxy S4 is slimmer than the Galaxy S3.

In comparison to other Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaks, these appear to be the most accurate. While many consider that the panel could easily be from a prototype of some sort, most leaks involving prototypes thus far have not looked remotely close to an actual device. However, we still have one week until the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is actually revealed at the Samsung Unpacked event taking place Sept. 4 just prior to the 2013 IFA Expo. Notably, the closer the launch date comes for many devices, the more accurate reports and leaks about the devices tend to be.

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