A large number of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handsets will hit the market on Sept. 25, the international release date for the Note 3, but some new owners of the smartphone could end up  disappointed to find the handsets don’t have quite as much RAM as had been advertised.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was said to ship with 3GB of RAM at its Sept. 4 unveiling, an upgrade from 2GB of RAM, an option that has been popular in many devices since 2012. However, reports from China indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 actually contains only about 2720MB of RAM, which equates to about 2.66GB of RAM.

Sources shared a screen capture image with SamMobile, reportedly from a Galaxy Note 3 handset, which shows the 2720MB of total RAM. Notably, the alleged Galaxy Note 3 has just 392MB of RAM available, which suggests that the Note 3 may also be a RAM hog if the handset has lots of apps and services running in the background.

This is not something new for Samsung devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was previously criticized for having only half of its internal storage available for personal use due to numerous preloaded systems and apps. In addition, many may also not realize this, but older devices, advertised as having 2GB of RAM, may actually contain a bit less than that, such as the Galaxy S4, which carries about 1.75GB of RAM.

RAM stands for random access memory, which is a type of computer memory that is most commonly used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on. While necessary for computer function, some argue that, due to its expense and volatile nature, lots of RAM is not needed to power devices. However, this perhaps may explain why manufacturers do not include the exact amount of RAM in devices as it advertises: to maintain costs and keep devices running at top shape.  

While these reports are not confirmed by Samsung, we also note that the handset in question is a Chinese version of the Galaxy Note 3, which may feature some specs that differ from what will be seen on international handsets. Notably, the screen capture image shows that the Note 3 handset has just 10.89GB of internal memory available. This could indicate that the handset is a 16GB model, as opposed to the 32GB and 64GB models that were announced at the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. SamMobile points out that a recently leaked dual-SIM model of the Galaxy Note 3 from China also features just 16GB of RAM. Such lesser known models often feature fewer specs than standard models in exchange for other features such as dual-SIM. Perhaps this Chinese model of the Galaxy Note 3 also contains less RAM than standards models.

Even so, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should see a RAM increase of approximately 1GB, as expected. Once the device hits the market next Wednesday, fans and pundits alike will be able to inspect the inner workings of the Galaxy Note 3 for themselves.

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