With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, consumers can expect a powerful device. Recent tests of the newly launched smartphone indicate that the Note 4 has a pretty impressive battery life.

Samsung Electronics Inc. released the Galaxy Note 4 to select markets like China and South Korea last Friday. The Korean publication PlayWares tested the battery life on the Note 4, which contains the Samsung Exynos 5433 processor, and discovered that the device outperforms most competitor devices on battery draining tasks.

The Galaxy Note 4 contains a hefty 3,220mAh battery, which is not surprising considering the device’s size and new QHD (1440x2560) resolution display. While the display provides sharper images and brighter colors, it could easily be a source of excessive battery drain.

The Galaxy Note 4 includes a number of battery enhancing features such as Adaptive Fast Charging technology, which allows the device to charge 50 percent in 30 minutes; and Ultra Power-Saving Mode, which allows the Galaxy Note 4 to maintain a 10 percent charge for 24 hours. But its processor was built to provide optimal performance without sacrificing battery life.

PlayWares put the Galaxy Note 4 through a number of battery life tests and determined that the device lasted 12 hours while playing video with its screen at 100 percent brightness and 7 hours browsing on a Wi-Fi connection. These tests put the Galaxy Note 4 among the top five devices with the most powerful batteries, including the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, iPad Air and iPad Mini. The Galaxy Note 4 did not fare as well on a 3D graphics gaming test, lasting only three and a half hours, but it still proved to be a pretty decent gaming handset, performing better than more than half of the devices tested.

Samsung is known to launch two models of its flagship devices, one with its own Exynos processor and another containing a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The second model will be available once the Galaxy Note 4 launches to global markets on Oct. 17. Currently, there are no battery life tests for the unreleased model; however, Samsung has stated that the two models were designed to have complementary user experiences.

The Exynos Galaxy Note 4 model will likely be available only in select markets, primarily Asia and Europe, while the Snapdragon model will be more readily available. The latter is the model that will ship to the U.S. and other countries in the Americas.

Notably, the Galaxy Note 4 was not tested against the new iPhone 6 in these battery tests. The iPhone 6, which launched on Sept. 19, has topped its own battery tests. Similar to the Galaxy Note 4, the iPhone 6 performed well with browsing but not with graphics.