While the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prides itself on having the best smartphone display at the moment, its rival LG V20 is planning on taking the title for having the best wired sound reproduction. Just yesterday, the Seoul-based electronics company announced that the V10 successor is arriving with the smartphone industry’s first Quad Digital-To-Analog Converter.

For average consumers who do not really use their smartphones as music player, the inclusion of Quad DAC may not mean a thing. However, for audiophiles who crave for an unparalleled audio experience using earphones or headphones, just the thought of having Quad DAC in a smartphone is already music to their ears.

LG specified that the V20 is going to sport a 32-bit HI-Fi Quad DAC to make it clear to its rivals that it is not wasting time in releasing a top-of-the-line smartphone this year. Engadget even pointed out that unlike standard DACs, the V20’s Quad DAC cuts ambient noise by 50 percent, ensuring that the sound users will hear from their earphones or headphones would be clear and crisp.

Just like what its name suggests, a DAC converts digital sound to analog audio for release via cabled earphones and headphones. Bluetooth audio devices also come with DACs, but since these devices collect digital sound data from wireless interconnection, the quality of sound could be affected by interferences.

By announcing that its V20 will be rocking Quad DAC, LG is said to draw a line in the sand on the ongoing debate over other smartphone manufacturers’ decision to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack from their new devices, according to Android Authority. Apple is one of these manufacturers, since the Cupertino tech giant is reportedly ditching the headphone jack for its upcoming iPhone 7 handsets.

The LG V20, which is expected to run on Android 7.0 Nougat upon its upcoming Sept. 6 debut in San Francisco, just continues what its predecessor has started. The V10, which was released last year, came with an impressive DAC, as per CNET. So in order for the V20 to top its predecessor, LG once again tapped ESS Technology to produce the world’s first mobile Quad DAC, which is now considered the selling point of the Galaxy Note 7’s rival device.