For tech geeks and hackers, Friday the 13th may be a lucky day after all. Samsung has just released the source code for its Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich kernel on AT&T. This means that developers and those who know how to fiddle with smartphone software can now tinker as much as they please.

The Ice Cream Sandwich update hit Kies a couple of days ago, and as Talk Android reports, the ICS kernel is now available for the Galaxy Note. Kies is a freeware application made by Samsung that allows users to transfer large applications easily by connection devices to a PC. It is also used to communicate between Windows and Mac operating systems.

One of the major allures to this addition is that CyanogenMod Nightlies are now supported by the AT&T variant of this smartphone-tablet hybrid.

CyanogenMod is a customized aftermarket firmware distribution available for several Android devices. The firmware is designed to increase performance and reliability of certain devices over Android-based ROMs. A variety of features and enhancements become available to users through Cyanogen that are not included in the out-of-the-box version.

This may sound similar to jailbreaking an Apple iPhone, but it is actually a different procedure. Jailbreaking is when users remove certain restrictions and limitations built into Apple's devices that run on the iOS operating system, as Android Pit acknowledges. Since Android is an open source operating system, users can make changes to the actual source code.

Everything iOS users hope to accomplish with jailbreaking their device is already included as basic functionality within Android, writes Eric McBride of Android Pit. Rooting the device gives Android owners further control, allowing them to overcome limitations put in place by carriers and completely remove and replace the operating system.

Earlier in October, CyanogenMod Nightlies guaranteed that Ice Cream Sandwich was coming, and it looks like the promise was delivered.

To see the source code for Samsung's Galaxy Note, click here. Visit this website to download the Cyanogen Nightlies build on the device.

Check out what the CyanogenMod 9 can do on the Samsung Galaxy S2 with ICS in the video below.