You can't go wrong taking a few cheap shots at iPhone users and Apple devotees. In fact, as with all things trending, Apple might just be ready to jump the shark. After all, nothing is cool forever, and there are some mighty irritating things about iPhones, mainly that everyone just has to have one. Also, Siri will not tell me where Steve is. I mean, did he make it to the top spot or did the Big Guy do him a Sculley?

Certainly there are a lot of said fans. But also competitors eager to take down the leading edge company.

Fans also include the courts, On Nov. 22nd, according to a Reuters report, Apple, Inc., was found not to violate a series of patents. These include ones held by  S3 Graphics Co. The result came from The International Trade Commission and was the latest ruling in the patent wars about the smartphone.

S3 was a complaint with the ITC 2010 in May, accusing Apple of violating four patents for compressing data for transmission, which  then it decompresses. S3 technology is used in the popular Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple iPod touch and several computers.

Internal ITC judges held for a preliminary ruling in July that Apple had infringed two patents and held that in two others it was found not to infringe.

As of this latest ruling, it found that Apple did not violate any patents--and closed its investigation.

S3 was asking that all the offending technology be removed on Apple products imported into the United States.

Worldwide, Google has less than 50 percent of the smartphone global market with its Android platform Apple had 19 percent, according to research firm Canalys, says Reuters.

Battle for top phone in the massive market has heated up on several fronts, including patent courts around the world.

The ITC may prohibit the importation of products into the United States.

The case is in the International Trade Commission, No. 337-724.

But heck, why go all legal, say other competitors? Snarky adverts are the sincerest form of flattery, so how about just knocking Big Bite off its precious pedestal by running a TV campaign that makes the uber-confident Apple nerds question their faith? Like this one from Samsung, which has a pretty hot new product, too: