So far so true! And it feels good that Samsung has sent out the London invites for the launch of the successor of Galaxy S2 flagship model - Galaxy S3.

The special invite has revealed all what the Korean giant will unwrap their biggest bet May 3. This has in turn enthralled the excitement of tech maniacs accompanied with the media from all corners of the world leading to an extravagant spree of rumors associated with the most awaited and famed Smartphone of the year.

Check out the top 10 latest rumors on Galaxy S3. 

Eye Tracking Technology

One of the most exclusive features which the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to feature is the Human Interaction feature. It is an eye tracking feature which would basically run by the method of interaction with the front camera.

The main novelty of Samsung GALAXY S III could instead be represented by a method of interaction based on the front camera , capable of perceiving the part of the screen to the point where the user's eyes and act accordingly.

With the help of this feature the users will be able to use the front-facing camera to keep track of where their eyes are pointed and the screen will automatically lock when they are pointed away.

Hence any person other than the user will not be able to use the smartphone depending on the settings chosen.

Multiple Models Launch

Rumor also has it that the eagerly anticipated Galaxy S3 will be floored on the launch date in two colors and two storage options.

According to BGR reports, the color options are said to be a two-tone blue and black and an Apple-esque white while the source also reveals that there will be a choice of 32GB and 64GB model storage capacities.

Further, there are also speculations that the next phone by Samsung might hold simultaneous events in New York City, Seoul and Dubai as well.

Ceramic Case

Some media reports have came to find out that the future flagship will feature a sleek ceramic and brushed metal case, in an attempt to set the device vastly different and spectacular from Apple's iPhone designs.

However, the speculations on the brushed metal case is still not very authentic as it is an assumption made by the media world based upon the Samsung invites about the London event sent all around a couple of days back.

Home Button

The highly awaited smartphone of the year, Galaxy S3 is also being claimed that it would definitely come with a physical home button. As many reports have confirmed on that including BGR, which actually   noted in its recent report that one of the trusted source have told them that the S3 would feature a home button exactly below the display. They further mentioned that the on-screen navigation buttons introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich would not be used by the Galaxy S3, which is in line with previous reports out of Korea that suggest that the S3 interface will resemble the 5-column layout seen on the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - The Official Olympics Phone

Rumors are also prevailing that the S3 will be marketed as the official phone of the London Olympic games, in keeping with the Korean smartphone maker's status as an event partner.

According to latest reports by the Telegraph, Samsung and Visa confirmed in April last year that they will launch an Olympics mobile phone, and it is now reported that the device will be the Samsung Galaxy S3 which would hold the crown for the same.

Although Samsung is tight lipped and has refused to give any statement on whether the announcement relates to a much anticipated forthcoming phone or to a range of new devices.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Capability

While it is still not confirmed whether Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the official Olympic phone, it can be assumed that S3 could likely be the Olympics official handset due to its NFC capabilities. As, NFC feature in S3 would allow its users to pay for goods and service by simply swiping the phone against an NFC reader.

Aside from no longer having the need to pay for stuff with cash, NFC-enabled S3 would also offer its user to share files and contact details by simply tapping devices against another device. Another feature would be getting information from NFC tags found on things like posters by simply holding the handset up towards the tag.

Bendable HD Display

Earlier, BGR reported that Galaxy S3 will sport 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen with a 1080p resolution display at 319 ppi. Recent rumors have mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S3 would come with a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD panel and Non-PenTile Display.

According to industry reports, the resolution and a higher pixel density of the S3 will also leave behind the great Retina display of the iPhone 4S (326 pixels per inch). Further, the smartphone has been confirmed not to feature any 3D technology. However, rumor has it that the S3 would sport a strong Gorilla Glass feature.

Rumor also has it that S3 would sport a YOUM phone design composed of a bendable AMOLED flexible screen.

According to YouMobile latest report, the new devices and phones from Samsung may include flexible screens. The YOUM is the first of its kind, and through this technology, the Korean device makers are trying to develop a stronger, flexible and resilient screen display. And speculations are rife that the feature may be integrated in the soon to be revealed Galaxy S3. The device might be composed of many layers, allowing it to bend making the layers less prone to breaking.

The YOUM design does not consist of glass but of film-like sheets and TFT layers. These would make the phone bend and flex.

Quad-core Processor

It is already in rumors that iPhone 5 is expected to come with A6 processor and Samsung has no plans to sit behind. Speculations by various media reports are suggesting that the new S3 handset is expected to come backed by quad-core 1.8 GHz Exynos processor with around 2GB RAM to outgun the Apple's next best. However, BGR exclusively reported this past February that the Galaxy S 3 will feature a 1.5GHz quad-core Exynos processor.

4G connectivity

Rumors are also intense that the successor of S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, will come backed by the 4G LTE capability and if things work positively Verizon could be the wireless carrier network of this dream device.

12MP camera

A recent report leaked on Reddit suggested the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a 12MP camera, built flat into the back of the handset, meaning there will be no bump as found on the Galaxy S2. Further, few reports have also speculated earlier that S3 could feature an 8-megapixel camera.

Other Features

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update with Samsung's latest version of TouchWiz software atop the user interface.
  • Also, it would measure 131 x 64 x 8 mm and weigh around 125grams.
  • The device is also rumored to come clocked with the ground-breaking 3D lenticular image technology along with innovative waterproof body feature and wireless charging.
  • Rumor has it that the S3 will be loaded with a 2250 mAh battery.

Well, a recent report has been revealed by the guys at CNET UK which has mentioned that the next Galaxy smarthphone will only be a minor upgrade over its predecessor Galaxy S2. According to their report, which they compiled on the information from a UK telecoms industry source, said that a faster processor would be an addition in the new Galaxy phone, however the upgrade would be similar to an iPhone 4 to 4S improvement rather than a complete game changer. They also noted that Samsung may also change up the naming convention and not even use the codename Galaxy S3 for the upcoming phone.

However, logically taking a look at these rumored features it is difficult to absorb this information that the next flagship model of Galaxy by Korean Giant Samsung would not be a major upgrade.  Honestly, what is your opinion and expectation from the upcoming Galaxy phone? Do share your view.