In the latest round of "Samsung Galaxy S4: Is It Real Or Is It Fake?" rumors, two new teasers may have given us the first legitimate look at the device that will be unveiled at Mobile Unpacked in just two days on Thursday at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

As many quickly dismissed the images of a device purported to be the Galaxy S4 that were shared on the Chinese forum 52Samsung early Monday, the user who shared the photos has uploaded further proof of his claim, including a YouTube video of the device being handled to prove that it is neither a fake nor a digital alteration.

In the video, we see the device referred to by the proposed Chinese variant codename "GT-I9502" being shown without its battery. The phone handler then reveals the battery with the name “Samsung” clearly printed on both sides before inserting it and closing its back, which also shows the brand name.

The unidentified handler then shows the phone from all angles, and we see an overall curved shape extremely similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Encased in plastic, the device also sports a thick aluminum bezel. The back notably features the device’s camera and flash at the top center, while its speaker is at the bottom left.

The makeup of this back is a far stretch from the supposed Galaxy S4 cases that were seen at CeBIT 2013 last week, which suggested the phone would feature a similar back design to the Galaxy S3, with its specs being (from left to right) flash, camera and speaker; the left-to-right order of those design features in the Galaxy S3, comparatively, goes speaker, flash and camera. The cases seen at CeBIT also featured a large, rectangular design that fueled rumors for weeks.

The user-uploaded video continued with the handler turning the device on where we notably see no indication of the device’s name, but we do see “Samsung” on the screen and likely the name if the Chinese carrier than powers the phone. The handler then accesses the phone’s camera and its dial app and also shows phone’s specifications in its settings menu. We see the phone runs Android 4.2.1, though rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S4 will run Android 4.2.2 natively, and we also faintly see the device code name.

While this latest development has left enthusiasts considering that the device may, in fact, be some version of the Galaxy S4, most suggest that it may be an early prototype and not the final version that we will see on Thursday.

Amid all of these random leaks, Samsung may have also at last given us a sneak peak of its “next big thing.” Taking to Twitter late Monday night, Samsung Mobile US shared an image of a phone cast in shadow, only revealing its top curvature that, again, highly resembles the Galaxy S3 but also looks like the device featured in the video.


Android Authority notes that there are few other identifying features visible on the device. The top of the phone reads “Samsung,” but we see no speakers, camera or sensors to continue notions of a design similar to the Galaxy S3. The entire image, bathed in blue, hints that the device itself may be blue -- though previous rumors have suggested that Samsung planned on discontinuing its Pebble Blue color that was introduced on the Galaxy S3.

In the second teaser trailer for Mobile Unpacked that Samsung released on Monday, we see the Galaxy S4 “secret messenger,” a 10-year-old named Jeremy, say that whatever is in the box he is safekeeping (likely the Galaxy S4) is his favorite color, as he holds two halves of an Oreo cookie. Many feel this may indicate that the smartphone will come in either black or white, or perhaps both, as has been previously suggested.

All of these teasers have effectively done little except shroud the elusive Galaxy S4 in even more mystery. This is likely exactly what Samsung was hoping for, anticipating enthusiasts being at the edge of their seats on Thursday as their latest flagship phone is unveiled.