With Samsung finally announcing the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone last week, would-be customers all around the world are now eagerly waiting for the device to reach market shelves. While Samsung is yet to confirm the price details of the new device, a new report has claimed that the Galaxy S4’s pricing has been leaked for Italy and the European Union.

The report has come from Android Caotic (via Phone Arena), which said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Italy would be made available at higher price of €699, which equals to $901 or £597. The report also stated that the device would likely cost €599 ($772, £512) in the rest of the EU.

Not only price, the release date of the Galaxy S4 would also vary between Italy and EU. According to the report, the new Android handset would reach Italian customers around the second of week of May, while the rest of the EU might get their hands on the device starting from Apr. 26, the same date as the general availability in the U.S.

The report revealed that the reason for the delay in case of the Italian variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was that the device would be packed with an Exynos 5 Octa Core Processor, as opposed to the Qualcomm processor for the variants in Germany and the Netherlands.

Here is what an Android Caotic report stated (translated from Italian):

- Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Europe: price of €599

- Samsung Galaxy S4 Italy Warranty: price of €699

- Availability of the Galaxy S4 Italian: the first two weeks of May

- Availability of the Galaxy S4 in Europe from Apr. 26 (U.K.)

Redmond Pie has reported that the Galaxy S4 cost mentioned by the Italian website is Samsung’s suggested price, which is likely to be reduced once the device hits the stores.

“The same happened with The Galaxy S III and the Note II but as soon as they hit the stores and webshops the price dropped immediately. So we can expect the same with the Galaxy S4 and the expected price will be around the 600 or 650 euros,” said the report.

India Launch In Early May

According to a report by TechOne3, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S4 in India in early May, the same time when the handset is expected to be available in other markets.

When it comes to pricing, the device is expected to cost between 40,000 rupees to 45,000 rupees ($740 to $833) without a contract. However, carrier subsidized pricing is expected under contracts.

The site has also listed Vodafone and Airtel as the carriers for Samsung Galaxy S4 in India. However, it has not provided any release dates for the launch.