After months of rumors and speculation, there's finally concrete information about the release dates and price of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Seven carriers will sell the highly anticipated smartphone upon its release, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, US Cellular and C Spire, as well as retailers including Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile, Costco, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Staples, Target and Walmart.

Given the range of sellers, there will likely be varying release dates and prices for the 2013 flagship smartphone. Here’s a lineup of when the Galaxy S4 will hit stores.

Samsung has released its official page for the Galaxy S4, listing that AT&T, US Cellular and Sprint are currently accepting preorders. Customers can register for updates.


Preorders for the Galaxy S4 are now available at AT&T. The carrier says handsets will ship on April 30 and that customers should receive them within two business days, on May 3. The 16GB version is currently available for preorder, priced at $199.99 with a two-year contract and $639.99 off-contract. The network will also carry the 32GB version, priced at $249.99.

In-store availability remains uncertain; however, a recently leaked internal document from RadioShack suggests that the AT&T-powered device will be available on April 26, priced at $199.99 with a two-year contract. Many have considered that an April 26 release for the device could indicate that it will release even earlier at AT&T retail stores.

The network has not yet commented on the matter, but sales representatives on AT&T’s website told Gotta Be Mobile that in-store availability begins May 3, the same day preorder customers should receive their phones.


Verizon recently confirmed via Twitter that it will begin carrying the Galaxy S4 in May, but it has not revealed an exact release date for the device. Verizon is already notorious for releasing its Samsung devices much later than other carriers, and many suggest we may not see the device until May 30, according to a leaked document from Staples that gave that date.

The network has sent the press a "save the date" invitation for May 22, when it will make a “special announcement” at CTIA. Many propose the Verizon Galaxy S4 variant could be unveiled at that time, in addition to the upcoming HTC One and Nokia Lumia 928. The announcement could involve the off-contract plan idea that Verizon has been flirting with since T-Mobile brought that structure to its network.


Sprint will begin carrying the Galaxy S4 on April 27 and has begun accepting preorders for the handset. The carrier says preorder customers should also receive their handsets by April 27. The Galaxy S4 will sell for $249.99 with a two-year contract, and Sprint is offering a $100 discount for new customers transferring their current number to the network.

The leaked document from Radio Shack also suggests that the retailer will receive the Galaxy S4 on April 27.  


T-Mobile begins online sales for the Galaxy S4 on April 24, while the device will be available in stores on May 1.

As per the T-Mobile’s new “uncarrier” plan, the device will cost $149.99 up front, and customers will have to pay $20 a month for 24 months to cover the complete cost of the handset.

US Cellular

Preorders for the Galaxy S4 are now available at US Cellular; however, the network has announced its release date only as “late April.” The 16GB device will sell for $199.99 with a two-year contract. In addition, preorder customers will receive a free S View flip cover valued at $59.99.


Galaxy S4 release information for Cricket Wireless is currently unavailable.

C Spire

C Spire announced that it would begin carrying the Galaxy S4 “this summer,” but detailed release information is currently unavailable. Customers can pre-register for more information.


Walmart will carry the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S4, priced at $168 with a two-year contract with the retailer. Its release date is unavailable.

Staples will carry the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S4 $199.99 with a two-year contract with the retailer starting April 26, as well as the T-Mobile variant starting May 1.