Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy S4 boasts a host of exciting new features including Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Sound & Shot and Group Play; however, Samsung is now taking the time to highlight the “hidden innovation” the smartphone also possesses.

Dubbed the “Life Companion,” the Galaxy S4 features many components that streamline the device’s functions that are intended simplify the user’s life. In an infographic entitled “What you may not know about Galaxy S4 innovative technology,” Samsung offers a rundown of sensors that keep the Galaxy S4 and its user working at optimal levels.

The Gesture Sensor, which operates within the Air Gesture feature, recognizes the user’s hand movements using infrared rays. Air Gesture allows users to execute functions like accepting a call or changing a song by waving their hand across the screen.

The Proximity Sensor, which operates within the Direct Call feature, recognizes whether the mobile phone is located near the user by using infrared rays. Direct Call allows users call a contact by lifting their handset to their ear while reading or constructing a message from that contact.

The Gyro Sensor, which operates within the Smart Rotation feature, detects the mobile phone rotation state based on three axes. Smart Rotation adjusts the users screen according to their angle of sight.

The Accelerometer, which operates within the S Health: Walking Mate feature, detects the mobile phone movement state based on three axes. S Health is comprised of several features that allow users to track and manage their health though their Galaxy S4 handset, such as Walking Mate, which counts user’s steps and also allows them to track the calories they burn while walking.

The Geomagnetic Sensor, which operates within the Digital Compass MAP feature, detects magnetic field intensity based on three axes. Digital Compass MAP is exactly that, a digital compass on the Galaxy S4 handset.

The Temperature / Humidity Sensor, which operates within the S Health: Comfort Level feature, checks temperature and humidity levels. Comfort level uses temperature and humidity measurements to assess the user’s overall level of comfort.

The Barometer, which operates within the S Health: Walking Mate feature, identifies the atmospheric pressure at the user’s current location.

The Hall Sensor, which operates according the S View Cover accessory, recognizes whether the cover is open or closed. With the S View Cover, users can still view the time and date, missed calls, new emails and messages or current song (on Samsung Music Player) while the cover is still closed. Users can also accept or reject calls without having to open the cover.

The RGB Light Sensor, which operates within the Samsung Adapt Display feature, measures the red, green, blue and white intensity of the light source. Adapt Display adjusts brightness, saturation and contrast according to how the user is doing on their handset.  

In addition, Samsung discussed other sensors that operate within more primary features such as face recognition technology that enables the Smart Pause and Smart Scroll features, the voice recognition technology that enables S Translator and S Voice Drive features and Optical Character Reader technology that enables the Optical Reader feature.

Though hype about the Galaxy S4 has died down slightly since its March 14 unveiling, the Galaxy S4 definitely has not been forgotten. But with Samsung having spent over $20 million on marketing and search in the last year, it’s not uprising that the company would pop up to remind us of its impending product just days before the April 12 release of the HTC First on AT&T and iPhone 5 on T-Mobile. HTC also releases its HTC One on several U.S. carriers on April 19.

While the Galaxy S4 lands in the U.S. in late April for most major carriers, and May 1 for T-Mobile. At this point, enthusiasts are likely just itching for pre-orders to start. But it seems as if Samsung has also strategically planned the Galaxy S4’s release separate from the many other spring releases. By the end of April, all eyes will surely be on Samsung.