The Samsung Galaxy S5 may be official as soon as next Monday, but the device has been popping up in several places already.

Outside of some particularly far-fetched mockups and device renders that only indicate possible dimensions for the Galaxy S5, the public has not had much of an idea of what it might look like. Enter Move Player, a Korean website, which has in the past shared renders of Galaxy flagships prior to their release, with said renders proving largely accurate.

Move Player’s particularly true-to-life render shows the possible Samsung Galaxy S5 next to the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. The render shows a device with a more rectangular shape than its predecessors; specifically, the Galaxy S5 render is longer than the Galaxy S4. Proposed dimensions for the Galaxy S5 are 5.58-inches in length, 2.80-inches in width and .032 inches in breadth. In comparison, the Galaxy S4 is 5.38 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and 0.31 inches thick. In addition, Move Player pairs its render with an updated user interface similar to previously leaked UIs, which have been connected to the Galaxy S5. Currently it is uncertain whether the Galaxy S5 will feature an updated TouchWiz UI, or possibly Samsung’s Tizen OS, or even something completely new.

Keep in mind, since the design of the Galaxy S5 has not been confirmed by Samsung, there is no way of knowing at this point if this render is the real thing.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Device coming to the German O2 carrier? 

galaxy s5 02 Samsung Galaxy S5 splash page for German carrier O2. Photo: O2

Meanwhile the German carrier O2 has teased the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a splash page believed to be for the coming device. Users can currently sign up for more information, which O2 says will be available in late February. While the page does not actually say anything about the Galaxy S5, it is headed with a phrase that translates to “Anticipation High 5.” Samsung itself has had several teasers filled with fives in recent weeks.

Notably, the page depicts a device submerged in water and surrounded by air bubbles, which many sources have suggested could indicate the Galaxy S5 may include such rugged features as being waterproof and dustproof. But others note that the page design may simply be a play on the carrier’s name.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Retail listing confirms specs?

galaxy s5-typhone Samsung Galaxy S5 listing for Dutch retailer Typhone. Photo: Typhone

Finally, Dutch retailer Typhone has set up a placeholder page for the Samsung Galaxy S5 prior to its release. It is common for foreign retailers especially to publish device listings before a device is actually unveiled. Few details about the device are listed on the page, and what is there notably coincides with recent rumors. The listing suggests a 5.2-inch 1080p Full HD display and a 16-megapixel camera for the Galaxy S5. Amid several rumors about a QHD 2,560×1,440, benchmarks have proposed that the Galaxy S5 may be released in two models: One with a Full HD display and another with a QHD display. Other reports indicate that the Galaxy S5 may come out with only a Full HD display. It is uncertain whether this placeholder can be taken as any kind of confirmation of the display specs for the Galaxy S5.

According to Typhone, the estimated release for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is sometime in March. Notably, many rumors have suggested a March release for the Galaxy S5, and Samsung Executive Vice President of Mobile Business Lee Young Hee has also stated that the device may release in March or April. Samsung is known for releasing its devices roughly one month after their unveiling, so if the Galaxy S5 is announced on Feb. 24, late March release is plausible. Some markets may also see delayed releases, with the Galaxy S5 releasing several weeks or months after its initial launch.

Do you think these recent Samsung Galaxy S5 sightings are accurate? Let us know in the comments below.

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