Samsung executives have been extremely chatty about their plans for the coming Galaxy 5, so much so that they are beginning to refer to it by name.

Most recently, Samsung Executive Vice President of Mobile Business Lee Young Hee spoke to Bloomberg and revealed that the manufacturer plans to release the Galaxy S5 in March or April. Such a release is not surprising as Samsung has released several of its most recent Galaxy S series devices in that time of year. The Samsung Galaxy S4, for example, was released in late April of last year after being unveiled in mid-March.

As said, Lee is not the only Samsung higher-up sharing tidbits about the company’s near-future plans. The head of studio for Samsung Design America, Dennis Miloseski, also recently discussed that the manufacturer’s 2014 flagships would come out in the spring and fall. Prior to that, Samsung’s Vice President and Head of Design Strategy Dong-hoon Chang reportedly revealed that the Galaxy S5 is set to be unveiled around the time of the World Mobile Congress in late February, which matches a number of previous rumors. Though the Galaxy S5 is not yet official, all of this talk from Samsung execs is a good sign that the S5 is well on track for release. A February unveiling could possibly indicate a market release in late March or early to mid-April; this of course is not certain.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal Design Confirmed?

Lee details that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may include a number of features, including a new design and iris scanner and possibly a next-generation Galaxy Gear companion device. Such features have long been rumored for the Galaxy S5, especially the idea of a whole new design. Most recently, reports suggest that the design of the Galaxy S5 might incorporate both metal and plastic, which is a new proposal. Previously, some reports indicated that the Galaxy S5 would appear in two varieties: metal and plastic. Others have suggested that Samsung has a new line in the works called the Samsung Galaxy F, which would feature a metal design. But a combined metal and plastic design may actually be more plausible than any of the previous suggestions. We’ve already seen Samsung do something similar with the Galaxy S4 Active, which features metal linings along its polycarbonate casing; the device got rave reviews for its change in material.

Since June of last year, there have been rumors of Samsung developing a concept called “Design 3.0,” which would include the use of aluminum in a coming device. After that, several sources indicated that Samsung was shopping for and then later acquired metal producers for its new design endeavor. In addition, Chang also hinted that Samsung has been considering a “new material” for the Galaxy S5. There has been overwhelming evidence in favor of the Galaxy S5 featuring metal, but it remains to be seen just how the new component will be incorporated. We keep in mind that most devices that are considered metal devices are not made completely of metal. The iPhone, for example, incorporates both plastic and glass into its design, while the HTC One, which is described as having an "aluminum unibody," actually has some sort of ceramic material in between in back and front metal plates. In essence, even if the primary exterior material of the Galaxy S5 is metal, there will likely be other materials included in its design.  

Other Possible Galaxy S5 Features

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has also long been rumored to feature an iris scanner, in order to compete with the touch ID fingerprint scanner, which was introduced on the iPhone 5S. According to Lee, Samsung is "studying the possibility" of an iris scanner on the Galaxy S5, but the feature is not confirmed. The exec does say consumers should expect to see a new Galaxy Gear companion device release alongside the Galaxy S5, which includes advanced functions and a new, less bulky design. Miloseski also mentioned that upcoming Samsung flagships are expected to be released with accompanying wearables.

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