Several rumors have insisted that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may be unveiled in February at or near the World Mobile Congress, and the rumors continue with tech blogger and analyst Eldar Murtazin proposing a Feb. 23 launch for the Galaxy S5.

Murtazin recently took to Twitter to announce the possible unveiling in Barcelona. According to the analyst, a market launch at the end of April will follow with the Galaxy S5 priced similarly to its predecessors. In addition to a TouchWiz UI upgrade, Murtazin says specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 have essentially all been revealed, indicating that among the rumors now circulating for the Galaxy S5 is a host accurate information.

While these reports cannot yet be confirmed, Murtazin is certainly a credible source, having accurately predicted the March 14 unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Russian blogger is also not the only person in the know talking about the possible unveiling date for the Galaxy S5. First, Samsung’s vice president and head of design dtrategy Dong-hoon Chang reportedly let slip the release schedule at a holiday party. Samsung executive vice president of mobile business Lee Young Hee later told Bloomberg that the manufacturer has plans to release the Galaxy S5 between March and April, which could indicate an unveiling weeks prior. Lee also said that Samsung plans to go “back to the basics” with the Galaxy S5. Exactly what this means is uncertain, but we note that the Samsung Galaxy S2, the device that truly launched the popularity of the Samsung flagship, was also unveiled at WMC, in 2011. The only downside to the prospective Feb. 23 unveiling date is that it is a Sunday.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features: New UI

Previous reports have already proposed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature an extensively updated TouchWiz UI or a new UI all together. Several leaks have also given the public an idea of what the UI may look like. The most recently leaked UI images, shared by @evleaks depicts a tiled interface similar to that seen on the Windows Phone UI. Similarities have also been drawn between Samsung’s new Magazine UX for tablets, as well as with Google Now. With Samsung having already spruced up the environment for is new Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets; it makes sense that its smartphones would soon an updated environment as well. Eldar Murtazin has also mentioned that Samsung is approaching a “next step in TouchWiz evolution,” additionally noting that there could be a whole new name for the revamped UI. Keep in mind that Samsung also has it is Tizen operating system in the works, which reportedly to be unveiled on Feb. 23 in Barcelona. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features: Fingerprint Scanner

Rumors have long suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might feature an iris scanner as one of its flagship features to compete with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S. Suddenly, that rumor has been scrapped for proposals that the Galaxy S5 will now have a fingerprint scanner of its own. It was not long ago that Samsung Executive Vice President of Mobile Business Lee Young Hee said that Samsung was "studying the possibility" of an fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5, but now the Korea Herald reports that iris sensor technology is not developed enough to be featured on the Galaxy S5.

According to the publication, Samsung’s fingerprint scanner will differ from Apple’s in that it will likely scan fingerprints on screen rather than through a sensitized home button like the iPhone 5S. Notably, recent reports indicate that Samsung is looking to improve touch controller mechanisms on the Galaxy S5 with help from a company called Synaptics, which is dedicated to human interface solutions. Though the report focuses on Samsung’s development of its Air View and Air Gesture software features, there is no telling what use the manufacturer could have for the “sensitivity and accuracy” improvements expected in touch controls for the Galaxy S5.

Additionally, other sources indicate that an iris scanner would require the Galaxy S5 to feature an additional sensor, which posed to bulk up the device at a time when most handsets are being advertised for thinness – another reason Samsung flagships may not feature an iris scanner just yet. There’s always hope for the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Already Known Features?

As said, the main specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 are already well know and reportedly include a 5.25-inch 2K display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and 3GB mobile RAM, according to Murtazin. Though the updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset has been most frequently mentioned as a Galaxy S5 component, along with a 4K display and 4GB mobile RAM. While no specs are official, we’ve already mentioned that some rumors are beginning to fall into place as true, and many features will be proven accurate upon the launch of the Galaxy S5. It’s just a matter of exactly which at this point. There is still plenty of time to decipher spec rumors before the Galaxy S5 is officially unveiled.

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