From two different processors to bringing back the microSD card slot, the Galaxy S7 rumors have covered it all. And today we have a new report saying Samsung will feature Apple iPhone 6s-like “Live Photos” in its flagship.

The South Korean tech giant will apparently call the Live Photos counterpart as “Vivid Photos” in the Samsung Galaxy S7. For those uninitiated, this feature records “1.5 seconds of video before and after” a photo is snapped. The end result is -- the captured photo looks livelier than any other technique.

As it turns out, Apple is not the pioneer in brining the Live Photos to gadgets. HTC’s Zoe was the first one to release such a feature. However, this aspect started getting attention from the time Apple added this in the iPhone 6s series. Now, Samsung is mulling the idea of housing this feature. This news comes from Android Geeks and the folks at this tech portal apparently ferreted out this information from a source that said Samsung’s software engineers are testing this aspect.

Even though, the Vivid Photos feature is under development, Samsung may not be able to get this out in time of the flagship’s release. Therefore, this feature might be rolled out as a software update after the release.

As far as the Galaxy S7 release date goes, the device has been rumored to be unveiled on Feb. 21, prior to the MWC 2016 event scheduled in Barcelona. Also, this feature will apparently be called as “Timeless Photos” or as mentioned earlier “Vivid Photos.”

Furthermore, there is reportedly a difference between Apple’s Live Photos and Samsung’s Vivid Photos. Samsung’s feature will not record audio/sound along with the photo. Not a bad idea, because Samsung will let the device users to share Vivid Photos directly to Facebook in the form of GIFs, as this image format is already supported by the social networking site. This also means, Facebook may not require any adjustments from its end to accommodate the Vivid Photos, while Apple’s Live Photos needed one.

As always, readers should note that, Samsung has not confirmed this Galaxy S7 specification/feature thus far.