If you've purchased an Android-powered tablet, you may have noticed there is no special tablet section in the Android Marketplace. There is a featured tablet apps section, though, so that is a good place to start. The fact is Google doesn't keep track of which apps are optimized for their tablet operating system, Android 3.0, nicknamed Honeycomb. Once the Android 4.0 update drops, that may change because any apps developed for that system will be able to run on smartphones and tablets.

With so many apps available and no real way to tell which ones are for tablets, this guide will get you started. There are games, media players, alternative Web browsers and reading apps. Most are expressly optimized for Honeycomb, but not all. The ones that aren't simply look great on a tablet as compared to a smartphone. We've also included an app that helps you keep abreast of the latest Honeycomb apps. It's called Tablified Market and it's free. Start the slideshow to see the top ten Honeycomb apps. Tell us in the comments if you have experience with Android and Apple apps, and what you think are the biggest differences.

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