Popular multiplayer game “EVE Online” is getting a new spinoff title called “EVE Gunjack” in time for the launch of the Samsung Gear VR 2. The arcade shooter, titled “Gunjack,” will be one of the platform’s first launch titles.

Developer CCP Games confirmed on the “EVE Online” community page “Gunjack" will feature players controlling a turret near a mining vessel as it takes down numerous threats. These threats include pirates, opportunists and a number of massive ships that will probably act as bosses for the game.

To help players take on the vast number of enemies, a variety of upgrades and weapons will be available for the turret to use. These include homing missiles, heat lasers and even barriers that can stop opponents, allowing the player to shoot them down while they’re unable to defend themselves.

Most of these upgrades will be floating in space, making “Gunjack” reminiscent of older shooters like “Asteroids” but with slick-looking HD graphics. This seems to have been intentional as the game is set to be the most action-packed game for the Gear VR 2 when it launches.

The game’s graphics are highly detailed and have been praised by Pocket Gamer. “Gunjack” uses the critically acclaimed Unreal 4 Engine, making it one of the better-looking games coming out for the upcoming Samsung platform.

“Gunjack” is the second VR game set in the “EVE Online” universe, the first being “EVE: Valkyrie” for the Windows PC and PS4. “Valkyrie” will be playable using the Oculus Rift on the PC and the Project Morpheus headset on Sony’s current-gen console.

Fans can expect “EVE Gunjack” to be released near the end of the year, which is when the Samsung GEAR VR 2 platform will be released. So far no official release date has been given for the game or platform. No price has also been given for “Gunjack,” though fans can expect news on that in the upcoming months.

Gunjack - Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Gunjack)