Samsung has confirmed that a Windows 8 phone will be launched around October 2012, according to Taiwanese reports. The handset devices, codenamed Apollo, are said to add support for a quad-core processor and higher display resolutions.

The Windows 8 smartphone is said to be the successor to Windows 7.5 devices. Although an October time frame was revealed, the reports are cautious concerning a specific launch, according to ITProPortal.

There are no indications of when Microsoft will actually release the upcoming mobile OS, the tech news source reports.

The company is looking to push out more powerful devices, and therefore has decided to focus on the Apollo platform, according to Ubergizmo. The current series of Windows 7 and Windows 7.5 gadgets feature single core processors, as opposed to Android and iPhone devices that boast dual-core and quad-core power.

Other features to come with Samsung's upcoming Windows 8 phone series include micro SD card support and the addition of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

The new operating system intends to incorporate different types media devices, according to tech and mobile news website

Microsoft are also aiming to make Windows Phone 8 as similar to the desktop version as possible which will enable close collaboration between smartphones, laptops, and desktop PCs, writes 3G's Simon D Thomas.

This isn't the only big announcement to come from the Korea-based company. Samsung revealed that its Galaxy S3, supposedly its flagship smartphone of 2012, will be unveiled on May 3rd. The Galaxy S3 is said to be one the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and it looks like Samsung only intends to improve its technology even further after this long-awaited release.  

Although the Galaxy S3 is said to be the major competitor to Apple's upcoming iPhone 5, Samsung's Window's 8 smartphone could be the true iPhone rival.  This ultimately depends on when the iPhone 5 is released, with rumors in circulation predicting a summer launch in June or an autumn debut in October. Apple has confirmed neither of these speculations, but it seems that Samsung is ready to combat either date with its own innovative smartphone release.