Just hours after Apple unveiled the new iPad on Wednesday, Samsung wasted no time in badmouthing the device with a comparison chart of its own Galaxy Note 10.1 and the new iPad. Onstage during the Apple event, CEO Tim Cook tool shots at Android, Android based tablets and their lack of meaningful user experience, so this move by Samsung could be in retaliation.

Samsung's own little chart shows off the Galaxy Note 10.1 features, things that it can do that the new iPad cannot. Obviously, Samsung stressed a lot on the Galaxy Note 10.1 stylus, which would allow users to do more content creation easily than on the new iPad.

Apple's new toy is not stylus friendly. Thus when it comes to drawing or handwriting on the iPad, it is next to impossible to pull off a Michael Angelo. Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 makes doing this a breeze, and this is really what Samsung want potential tablet buyers to consider before investing into the new iPad.

Samsung also attacked the new iPad’s multi-tasking capabilities. With the Galaxy Note 10.1, users can have two applications opened side by side; something the new iPad is unable to do with the current iOS 5.1 version.

We didn’t see the stylus comparison as meaningful, or something that would be able to sway many from buying the new iPad. However, the option to have two apps open side by side is great. You could be checking your email in one window, and watching YouTube in the next. Not spectacular, but definitely a useful feature that needs to be on every tablet. So far, the first OS we saw with a similar feature is Windows 8, and it works pretty well there. If Apple doesn’t step it up this year, iOS will be the only OS missing out on this.

Despite us loving the option to have two apps opened besides each other, we still do not see how disruptive this comparison would be. Yes, users might consider having two apps opened side by side, but when they look at how beautiful the new iPad display is, nothing would be able to convince them to look at another tablet.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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