Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is easily one of the brilliant devices released so far with regard to usability and design. Despite the fact that there’s no microSD card slot in the Galaxy Note 5, this device has been well-received across the globe. The highlight of the Note series is the advanced S-Pen stylus. But what happens if Samsung provides a way for all Galaxy handsets to use the stylus?

A new patent filed by the South Korean tech giant said that the company is working on a “smartphone cover” (S View Cover) with a built-in space to accommodate an S-Pen stylus. This means, any compatible Galaxy handset can be used to experience some of the unique benefits of the Galaxy Note series, Sam Mobile reported.

It is worth noting that the Galaxy Note lineup comes with a special Wacom digitizer inside the display to take advantage of the stylus. Other Galaxy devices do not come with one. Moreover, the patent does not specify any technical details to ascertain how Samsung will tackle this issue. Looking at this patent from a futuristic perspective, it could mean that Samsung might build its “high-end” devices with a digitizer on board to enable users to utilize it in the way they see fit.

In November 2015, a leak showed a slew of accessories that will apparently be released alongside the Galaxy S7:

Type                      Galaxy S7            Galaxy S7 Edge

Glitter Cover          EF-XG930             EF-XG935

S View Cover         EF-ZG930             EF-ZG935

Clear Cover            EF-QG930            EF-QG935

Keyboard Cover   EJ-CG930             EJ-CG935

This list includes the “S View Cover.” However, this variant could be the regular flip cover Samsung releases alongside its flagship every year. Hence, there’s a good chance that the S View Cover with an in-built stylus might not make it to the Galaxy S7.