Remember last week when San Diego totally botched its fireworks display? The show that was set to go on for 15 minutes took all of 15 seconds as the pyrotechnicians accidentally launched all of their fireworks at once. Video of the event captivated much of the Internet, as -- let's face it -- seeing hundreds of fireworks going off at once is pretty exciting.

Now a new video has emerged showing the fireworks debacle from a much closer perspective than any previous videos. The up-close-and-personal view is thrilling, showing exactly just how explosive the mishap is. The ensuing fireball completely lights up the observation area.

While the bungled show might have been a disappointment for the organizers of the event, Garden State Fireworks, the consensus online was that the short, explosive show was far more exciting than any standard fireworks demonstration.

Attendees seem to have agreed. In the video below, an unidentified woman can be heard yelling, This is the best fireworks show ever!

Fortunately for everyone involved, no injuries were reported after the Big Bay Boom went awry.

We sincerely apologize for the technical glitch that affected the #BigBayBoom. Event producers are currently investigating the cause, the Port of San Diego tweeted about the original incident.

Be warned: the video is very, very loud. Before watching, be sure to turn down your speakers. And you really shouldn't wear headphones while watching the video unless your computer is practically on mute.

Enjoy the fireworks show in all its short-lived glory below: