Residents in San Diego were disappointed on the 4th of July when the Big Bay Boom 2012 Independence Day show lasted for just about 15 seconds after a technical glitch resulted in all of the city's fireworks ignited at once.

The show, set to last for about 15 minutes, at Glorietta Bay only lasted for about 15 seconds when an electrical glitch or mechanical problem set off all of the fireworks at once Wednesday, according to NBC San Diego. Worse yet, the entire supply of hundreds of fireworks went off at 8:55 p.m., five minutes before the time scheduled for the show.

Port District authorities apologized for the error via Twitter blaming a technical glitch that disappointed thousands of people caused by the operators of the show, Garden State Fireworks.

We sincerely apologize for the technical glitch that affected the #BigBayBoom. Event producers are currently investigating the cause, Port of San Diego tweeted.

One Twitter user shared photos of the incident, showing a giant boom of fireworks on the bay.

A signal was sent to the barges that would set the timing for the rest of the show after the introduction, the Big Bay Boom website wrote. The Garden State Fireworks team will be working throughout the night to determine what technical problem caused the entire show to be launched in about 15 seconds.

No one was injured in the accident and onlookers were sent home around 9:20 p.m. without a proper Fourth of July fireworks show.

View the video of the San Diego fireworks fail below, courtesy of NBC San Diego.

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