Christmas is around the corner and shoppers are rushing to buy last minute gifts and stocking stuffers for the special day. As children, friends and family members become increasingly more excited for the holidays, there is one way you can brighten their day.

Google decided to jump into the holiday spirit this year with an online option to either call Santa Claus or to send a call from Santa. You don't want to miss out.

Children can call Santa and leave a message on Kris Kringle's answering machine at 1-855-34-SANTA. Of course, Santa's too busy to come to the phone, but that doesn't mean he's not happy to hear from all the good little children. 

Even better than reaching Santa's personal voice mail, Google has also released a website that allows users to create a personal message to be sent to a friend, child, family member or unsuspecting co-worker. The website is easy to use and can be found at

When you fill out the personalized message, some basic information is asked, including your name, your friend or child's name and then details about your friend or child, so you can send a personalized message that's clever, cute or snarky depending on the recepient.

The personalized message can be kid-friendly and Santa will offer to bring your child a toy or bike for Christmas. You can also send more creative messages to friends that may include Santa talking about picking up Mrs. Claus from pilates and aksing for some Malbec and Brie to be left by the chimney.

Check out the clever personalized messages from Santa Claus and make your child or friend's day.