School Officials at Santaluces High School in Florida have ramped up police presence after two white female students posted a video making derogatory comments about their black classmates, according to reports by CBS News. The original video, which was pulled by You tube for violating its hate speech policy, went viral last week and was re-uploaded on You tube by other users and re-posted on World Star Hip-Hop by Tuesday.

According to the Palm Beach Post, authorities discovered the video on Monday. In the four-minute video, brought to the camera live from [their] bedroom, two teens, one blonde and one brunette brushing her hair, describe the black students at Santaluces High School.

Our school is like no other, one girl begins about the high school, which is 27 percent white, 37 percent black and 33 percent Hispanic according to reports by The Palm Beach Post. You walk in and you start turning black, the other chirps in. You catch the disease.

The two girls giggle through additional commentary about the way black people talk and wear their hair. I feel bad for them though, they can't brush their hair or flip it, one says, after flipping her long locks for the camera. So guys if you are watching this video right now, and you have weave, and you are black, please be offended, because we are making fun of you.

After stating that black people are annoying, they stink and they're ugly, the girls tell their audience Don't post this video on Facebook because our friends are black. They conclude the video by wishing everyone peace and love.

The school has confirmed that the students are enrolled at the high school and that authorities are dealing with the issue.

Appropriate action will be taken according to district policy, a spokeswoman from The Palm Beach County School District told Fox news. Racist comments are unacceptable and have no place in our school district.

WARNING: The video below contains inappropriate and disturbing language