If Sarah Palin were to be invited to join Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s administration, she would most love to head up the Department of Energy -- which she would then promptly eliminate. Palin discussed the possibility of a post under Trump’s leadership Sunday in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

"I think a lot about the Department of Energy because energy is my baby: oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind's use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations," she said.

Her plan for the department would be simple -- get rid of it. She would grant control over oil, gas and mineral deposits to the states in which they are found and permit each state to more intensively manage its own resources.

Earlier this summer, Trump said he would welcome Palin’s leadership to his administration during a radio interview on an all-Palin news channel.

"I'd love that," he said at the time. "Because she really is somebody who knows what's happening and she's a special person. She's really a special person and I think people know that."

Palin, the former governor of Alaska who was the Republican vice presidential nominee in the 2008 election cycle, added that she thinks immigrants should learn to “speak American” upon entering the U.S. Her statement echoed the sentiments of Trump, who recently criticized bilingual GOP rival and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for speaking to constituents in Spanish.