Sarah Palin can sure get into bed in some surprising places.

I'm not talking about sex life, either. It's The New York Times that Palin has cozied up to, and that is causing a second look. 

For all practical purposes, the Times represents to Palin what she has professed for years -- that the liberal media that can't get it right. The former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential-candidate-turned-conservative-political-celebrity has bashed the newspaper before. Just this year, Palin titled a Facebook post NYT, There You Go Again, in which she accused the paper of false reporting.

Palin has also become well known over the last several years for labeling mainstream media as liberal, unfair, and thus, unreliable. Yet now she's effectively cozying up to the Times via her husband, Todd, who this week used the newspaper as evidence that The Rogue -- the new book by Joe McGinnis that accuses Palin of sleeping with NBA star Glen Rice, snorting cocaine and smoking pot, among other things -- is full of lies.

It's clear why Todd Palin pointed to the Times in a statement issued via a PR representative. In a review of The Rogue, Janet Maslin described the work as being full of caustic, unsubstantiated gossip. Maslin accused McGinniss of seeking personal attention through the book and sloppiness regarding details.

'The Rogue' is too busy being nasty to be lucid, Maslin wrote.

It's true that McGinnis seems to have an ax to grind against Sarah and Todd Palin. In interviews surrounding the book's Sept. 20 launch, he spewed criticism of Palin like a spiteful man. We just don't know what he's angry about. He made a case in an interview on NBC's The Today Show that he's angered that Palin is a hypocrite -- preaching in a conservative style, while acting in a totally different way, if one believes his new book.

At first, I wasn't inclined to buy easily into McGinniss' hypocrite accusation, primarily because he seemed so personally vindictive when talking about Palin that I couldn't see how he couldn't be vindictive when writing about her. But then came Todd Palin's denial of it all, saying through a PR representative that the book is full of disgusting lies, pointing to the Times -- of all things -- as vindication, because of Palin's prior criticism of the paper.

It was then that I realized the author may be right -- Sarah Palin is perhaps a hypocrite, and yes, the Times is, as she might say, at it again. This time, however, the paper just happened to be on a side she and Todd Palin liked.