Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has participated in Rolling Thunder event, coming back into the spotlight and renewing rumors about her 2012 White House ambitions.

The annual Rolling Thunder ride coincided with Palin's first leg of a bus tour of America that is conducted with the motive to educate and energize Americans about our nation's founding principles, in order to promote the fundamental restoration of America.

Meanwhile, Rolling Thunder is an annual Memorial Day event where thousands of motorcycles ride through Washington, DC seeking to improve veteran benefits and resolve prisoners of war /missing in action issues.

There's no better way to see D.C. than on the back of a Harley! My family may be used to snowmachines more so than motorcycles (though you couldn't tell it with Todd driving a hog today with Piper on the back and with Bristol riding on the back of another bike). But whether you're riding the open road or the frozen tundra, you're celebrating a free spirit. What could be more American than that? , Sarah Palin said on political action committee website.

Following are some photos showing Sarah Palin's participation in the event.