Can Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) handle “Foxtail”? “Scandal” viewers are about to find out. Season 4 of the hit ABC series is coming to a close Thursday, and it sounds like Washington is going to get a big shake-up.

According to the synopsis for episode 22, “You Can’t Take Command,” everything will “come to a head” when Olivia’s team makes the move to take down Command -- aka her father, Rowan (Joe Morton). Past attempts to take out Rowan have failed, but the season-finale description teases that the Gladiators are going big to shut down B613.

Of course, attempting to take down Command might come with some casualties. In episode 21 last week, “Scandal” viewers learned Foxtail was a person: Mellie (Bellamy Young). The episode concluded with Mellie finishing a speech in Springfield, Virginia, the same location where her son was killed by B613. Upon her exiting the stage, her campaign manager Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi) asked her to meet with a wealthy potential donor. Mellie agreed -- and came face-to-face with Rowan. Before she entered the room, an agent gave the code word to Rowan, letting him know that Foxtail had arrived.

What does Rowan want with the first lady? It’s not exactly clear, although a sneak-peek video does give fans a look at their meeting.

“I am so happy to be here with you in person,” Rowan says to her cheerfully. “I am a fan. You are by far the most interesting first lady we have ever had. You have set quite an example for my daughter, I can tell you that. And now Senator Mellie Grant -- what is a billionaire to do?”

Rowan continues, saying he would love to support the campaign and that there are a few causes near and dear to his heart. He hands Mellie a file, and her face drops when she views what’s inside. “Scandal” fans can’t see the content, but Mellie reluctantly agrees those causes “interest” her.

If the video didn’t make you uneasy enough for what Rowan has in store for the first lady, the synopsis doesn’t help. The episode description adds, “Mellie’s fate is sealed as the election results are announced.”

The “Scandal” Season 4 finale will be shown on ABC Thursday, May 14, at 9 p.m. EDT. Watch the teaser video below and check out photographs from episode 22:

Scandal 1 Will David (Joshua Malina) be able to go through with the B613 case? "Scandal" viewers will find out in the Season 4 finale. Photo: ABC

Scandal2 Huck (Guillermo Diaz) appears in a scene from the "Scandal" Season 4 finale. Photo: ABC

Scandal3 Olivia (Kerry Washington) must find a way to take down her father in the Season 4 finale of "Scandal." Photo: ABC

Scandal4 Is Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi) working with Command? "Scandal" fans will have to watch the Season 4 finale to find out. Photo: ABC

Scandal5 Rowan's (Joe Morton) plans for Foxtail will be revealed in the Season 4 finale. Photo: ABC

Scandal6 Rowan (Joe Morton) appears in a scene from the "Scandal" Season 4 finale. Photo: ABC

Scandal7 Jake (Scott Foley) appears to be in much better shape in the "Scandal" Season 4 finale after getting stabbed a couple of episodes ago. Photo: ABC