What’s worse than death? Getting tortured by Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz)! Episode 21 of “Scandal” aired on Thursday night, and Russell (Brian White) finally got what he had coming to him after attempting to assassinate Jake (Scott Foley). 

The latest Season 4 episode, titled “A Few Good Women,” found Olivia (Kerry Washington) attempting to help a female Navy officer who was raped by one of her superiors. All the while, Olivia’s team was torturing Russell for information on “Foxtail.” Last week, Olivia overheard Russell mention the term while on the phone with Rowan (Joe Morton). They don’t know what the term is, but they believe that it somehow is connected to shutting down David Rosen’s (Joshua Malina) case against B613. Huck and Quinn enlisted some interesting torture tactics in order to find out what Rowan has up his sleeves.

Despite some missing fingernails and a drill to the knee, Russell wouldn’t crack. And Huck and Quinn hit a couple of roadblocks when Rowan figured out that his agent had been captured. If that wasn’t bad enough, Russell nearly swallowed a cyanide pill in order to avoid spilling details on Foxtail.

Of course Jake knew that all the torture in the world wouldn’t crack Russell. The B613 agent was just like him – the only difference is that Jake fell in love with Olivia. Instead of torture, Jake tried another tactic. He asked Huck to leave the room and used the time with Russell to have a beer and chat. Russell warned him that the “good cop, bad cop” trick wouldn’t work on him, but the pair did bond over B613 and Command. Ultimately Russell revealed that he did care for Olivia, and asked Jake if he’d watch over her and protect her.

Huck continued to draw blood from Russell, but things became complicated when another B613 agent managed to get the leg up on him. Olivia’s right-hand man was left drugged and unconscious on the floor while the B613 agent extracted Russell.

The big twist came in the final moments of episode 21. Mellie (Bellamy Young) had just got done giving an emotional speech in Springfield – the same location where her son Jerry died a year before. On her way out, Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi) revealed that a very wealthy donor wanted to meet with her. Mellie agreed … and an agent called her “Foxtail” before she entered a room and shook hands with Rowan.

“Hello, Mrs. Grant,” Rowan said to her before the episode ended.

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